Transformative Writing Sessions

Participants are encouraged to explore their experiences and get to understand how to positively tap into those experiences; so that they can create their stories by learning to write non-fiction material that will elevate them to being storytellers, poets, writers or authors.

Participants will explore the sacred art of writing to heal, to find peace and harmony and inner freedom. Vicky has vast experience working alongside individuals that have experienced turmoil in their lives and she aims to kick start the journey to self-healing by promoting the use of poetry as a medium for storytelling coupled with it being a therapeutic outlet that encourages individuality, independence and freedom.

This use of writing as a therapeutic outlet enables participants to experience self validation and healing and comes highly recommended. She prides herself in how she has empowered individuals through poetry writing sessions in a safe, judgement-free space. If you have been emotionally trapped or broken and you need an escape, then she has a space especially for you. Why not sign on? These sessions are all about a healthy escape, being empowered, managing herntal & emotional health, taking control, building & gaining confidence, boosting self-esteem and taking new direction in life. Six sessions run over six days.

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