Who Is She?

Vicky Nyanga is a writer, poet, workshop and community facilitator who has very special interest in cultural diversity, Black empowerment and Afrocentric management of health and wellness.
She has discussed Gender-Based Violence, FGM, Migration, Integration and Black Lives on BBC Radio Scotland and other huge platforms. She has a particular interest in the issues and experiences of migrant women of African descent and their families and she is committed to empowering them. She has over 15 years mentoring adults through Church-related Community Work and whilst working with various Community Health Organisations. Her experience in the community lies mainly with people seeking asylum, refused asylum seekers, visa overstayers, undocumented migrants and refugees. She has a particular interest in the issues and experiences of migrant women of African descent and their families because she can relate to them and that is why She is committed to empowering migrant women through Project Esperanza UK
Since the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, She set aside time for women who were affected by the Lockdown to discuss various issues that impacted them. She co-facilitated online sessions and the themes focused on womanhood, mental health, racism, the micro-aggressions that Black people experience in the daily spaces outside of their homes and other such topics. She helped women explore using poetry writing as therapy or using poetry to manage mental health. This experience was became her inspiration to publish The prism of Her Thoughts; An insight into Black womanhood & Black Motherhood. She prides herself on the use of poetry to influence change and impact women. Promoting the use of poetry as a therapeutic outlet through poetry writing sessions with women has been very important work for her as she believes that her purpose is to make a profound difference to the lives of struggling women through empowering them to write. She couldn’t be happier to have turned her passion for writing into something that she can define and utilise as part of her purpose, as well as to bring awareness to some issues that will ultimately help people in her community.
Prior to publishing The prism of Her Thoughts; An insight into Black womanhood & Black Motherhood., her recognition as a poet came as a direct result of the unprecedented success of the poem ‘Unpolished and Black’ which proved to be a much-needed breakthrough that then opened for other opportunities. Her work appeared in PENning Magazine in 2016 and in the ScottishPEN anthology to mark their 90th-anniversary celebration in 2017; and she was invited to read it at the Edinburgh Book Festival 2017 and Solas Festival in the same year. She enjoys reading her poetry and often welcomes opportunities to do so. Even though she started out writing poetry ‘just for fun’ she absolutely loves that her work has been published alongside the poetry of some leading names from Scotland’s literary community. You can buy her book on Amazon.
As you can probably tell, she wears many different hats and she is packaged with a wealth of professional expertise from her working experiences; however, her lived experience qualifies and equips her with her best shot at what she does whilst working with women. She sees herself as an obsessive recycler, as an engaged community member, a diversity, equality and anti-racism advocate whose activism is informed by the global climate of race issues as well as her Theological background; she is a community builder, a versatile team player, a strategic planner, a firm believer in collaboration and social impact for transformation, a freedom fighter working as a women’s mentor and above everything -a work in progress.
She celebrates Black womanhood and welcomes anyone that joins her in doing so. She has been told that she has a big heart and has a great spirit to match it. Some people say that she is impulsive, spontaneous and awkward; – but warm, lol, they could be right! But why not get to know her and judge for yourself?

What People Say

If you want to fly you have to give up the thing that weighs you down.

Toni Morrison

I want to be respected in all my femaleness because I deserve to be.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

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