The Books.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this portfolio. If you would like to support the author, here is what you can do:
• Share links to retail outlets that sell her books. You can use any social media platforms to do this.
• Share the poems that you like. But remember that all poetry is copyright protected so do make the appropriate credits when you share

• Buy her books (link at the top of the page). By doing that you help her reach children from struggling communities in African countries with supplies of reusable period products, book bags, stationery and school fees.

• Gift her books, workshop or writers retreat to someone or spoil yourself 😊
• Follow her on social media (links at the top of the page)
• Chat with her for more information

• Sign up to receive emails if you don’t want to miss any information to do with events, retreats and writing workshops.
• Review the books from wherever you have purchased them from

• Spread the word about her poems. You could really help other people by bringing attention to the issues that she raises

• Join her book club
• Contact her for poetry and creative collaborations
• Book her to facilitate a poetry writing workshop in your space
• Book her to be a part of your panel
• When making comments about her work please use #vickynyangapoems whether you agree, disagree or have related stories to tell. She would really love to take note of how her poems impact you. She hopes that you will be inspired as well as challenged; and that your mind is provoked into thinking about positive change…..cos that’s her goal!
• Invite her to read her poetry (or yours😊) at your event. She can perform existing poems about the themes of your event; or write poems specifically for your audience. She will work with you, in advance, to ensure that the poetry She brings speaks to the people of your gathering.

• If you invite her for a residency she can bring an already written workshop or she will write according to your specifications. Get in touch to find out what you could do together.